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Get so much more out of the apps you're downloading by unlocking special features

Get so much more out of the apps you're downloading by unlocking special features

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Program license: Free

Program by: Lucky Patchers

Version: 10.6.7

Works under: Android


Program license

(59 votes)


Program by


Lucky Patchers


Works under:


Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a free android app developed by Lucky Patchers to help users manage the content of any app on the smartphone or any android device. Lucky patcher helps unlock many unique features that would not naturally be part of the original app. Apps and games may be customized; permissions can be changed, advertisements can be blocked, and many other features.

Enjoy a Customized App Experience

The Lucky Patcher app is a futuristic app that gives the user the power to customize the apps to work in the way they prefer. Users would love to customize their apps to explore the features in a specific way. This patcher also allows you to access apps that are locked behind a paywall.

If you are looking for an app that doesn’t require you to purchase expensive codes to unlock, then Lucky Patcher is a great choice. Lucky Patcher can only be used if the users have granted root access to their device. There are several features in this app to suit a variety of users' needs. App and game ads can be deleted or blocked using Lucky Patcher.

In-app purchase verification can also be disabled to gain access to premium content and games without paying for them. With the help of this tool, players can make changes to their games and earn in-game cash. Lucky Patcher removes dubious permissions from programs and games.

With Lucky Patcher, you may also remove license verifications from your system. Make a copy of your apps or games before you move ahead to update or patch them. This will enable you to restore to the original point if necessary. This app can also be used to build custom APK. Lucky Patcher is easy to use and prompts the users whether they wish to patch a particular app on their device.

The app offers an online community of users that can help each other troubleshoot and resolve bugs and challenges in the app. This feature helps engage the members and allows them to share their experience of using the app. It also allows users to answer questions about the app based on their experience using it on different devices. It is also the best platform for users to suggest features they wish to see in the app. Since Lucky Patcher is free, many users are willing to try it out.


  • Allows users to modify apps to suit their needs
  • You can manage permissions of the apps installed on your smartphone or android device
  • Lucky Patcher can block irritating apps and unwanted pop up ads that come default with some apps
  • Unlocks the premium and hidden features of apps installed in your android device or phone
  • Designed to work with any type of phone and android OS
  • Has a simple and easy to use user interface and menu options


  • Some apps cannot be modified by Lucky Patcher
  • Some devices will detect it as a virus or unwanted app
  • Requires rooting of the target phone or android devcie